Product Introduction

    New design, New culture, New concept for wheelchair

    Brake the rule, Make-up the wheelchair and feeling.

    Seven advantages

    1.Passed the ISO 7176-8 multi-drum test

    2.We provide customized products by 1100t die-casting.

    3.Strong lateral and torsional stiffness

    4.Colorful and fashion

    5.Product liability insurance

    6.The complete model size:12" 16" 20" 22" 24" 25" 26" 700C

    7.Special material : Alloy A356.0 + 6061 T6

    Model: TAC-6SP

    Size: 22" x 1 3/8, 24" x 1(SPORT)

    24" x 1 3/8, 26" x 1(SPORT)

    Material: Aluminum Magnesium alloy

    Axle: 1/2"(12.7m/m), 5/8"(15.875m/m) , 12m/m

    Assembly: Bearing

    Tire: Air tire

    COLOR: Powder coating: Brown, Black, White, Blue, Red